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Classes are still forming for December at Advanced School of Massage Therapy!

We are so excited to be back in the classroom! If you are a prospective student that wants to learn more about our classes, we invite you to explore our site!


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Burke Williams Approval

Recently I had the opportunity to meet some of the students in the Business and Ethics classes at Massage Center, Advanced School of Massage.  Tina, the instructor, was so kind and you could tell she cared about the well-being of each of the students.  The students were engaged and seemed close with each other.

When I went to the school’s clinic, I was met by friendly students who showed a great deal of professionalism.  The massage was fantastic!  The therapist checked in regularly and the pressure was spot on.  I would recommend this clinic to anyone in the area.  These skills are what we seek at Burke Williams and I look forward to seeing more Massage Center graduates coming to work for us.

-Jennifer Matthys

Burke Williams Southern California Recruiter


550 Hour “Silver” Massage Therapist Program Brochure

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